Great Harvest Bread
Great Harvest Bread Co. is a crew of fun-loving bakers, sandwich makers and more importantly "people-people".  
We work hard and we love what we do.

Thanks for your interest in joining us!! 

What do you want to do at Great Harvest Bread Company? We have two main types of jobs: PRODUCTION (they make our products) and CUSTOMER SERVICE (they sell them). Job experience in any one area, while helpful, is not required. More important to us at Great Harvest Burke & Lorton is an enthusiasm for bread and an excitement to help our customers.

We will be hiring for Farmers Market crew in March so be sure to submit your application.  

Job Application
Please download and fill out the attached application. Each position has an accompanying document explaining the position in more detail.  
Drop off your application at the store in a sealed envelope or email it to Jeffrey at:  

Production Manager
Provide supervision of production employees. Keep Manager/Owner up to date regarding issues of importance.  
In the absence of Manager/Owner, substitute for the Bakery Manager/Owner for Burke & Lorton.  

Bread Maker
Baking phenomenal bread is what our business is all about. Can you get up early (2:30 a.m.); do easy math calculations before dawn, follow directions, stay focused and work quickly and efficiently? Are you deadline and detail oriented? Bread making combines art and science, and you must be able to master both. Not for the faint-hearted, but oh-so-rewarding!
Bread Maker

Sweets Baker
Our sweets production people love to bake, and take pride in their scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls and cookies. Can you hit the ground running at 2:30 a.m.? Work quickly and efficiently? Clean up after yourself, and plan ahead? Then consider putting a smile on our customers’ faces by baking our phenomenal sweets.

Bread Kneader
When dough hits the kneading table (approximately 7 a.m.), you go to work. You have to work quickly and efficiently. Kneading dough is an art, more than a science, and is critical to baking phenomenal bread. We’ll teach you what you “knead” to know, but you have to show you are willing to learn and settle for nothing less than near perfection.

It sounds simple: you wait until the bread rises, get it into the oven, and take it out when it’s done. Ah, but when you’re operating a 48-pan oven, juggling five or six types of breads, not so simple. Are you up for the challenge? This position usually starts at 7 a.m.

Sponge and Dough
To provide Excellence in bread quality by consistently making sponges and doughs with precision and mastery.  To develop an intuitive sense of bread-making and to devote strict attention to detail. To establish and maintain the production pace, by beginning and completing sponges and doughs with exactness, according to a strict time schedule.  To lead by example, be cross-trained in all positions and to handle minor problems when DJ or LeAnn are not in the bakery. 

Sandwich Maker
Our menu will start with breakfast and grilled panini sandwiches and our signature cold sandwiches. You’re the one who puts it all together. You’ll slice fresh deli meats and cheeses, prepare fresh vegetables, and follow recipes to create delicious spreads. When the lunch crowd hits, you’ll create fabulous sandwiches, made to order. You must be able to keep your cool under pressure, work quickly without sacrificing quality, and follow health department guidelines and procedures. You’ll take pride in your works of art, guaranteed!

Our customers can buy bread just about anywhere. What entices them into Great Harvest Bread Company (besides phenomenal products)? You! The folks behind our front counter set our store apart from all others. Can you put a smile on your face even when you don’t feel like it? Can you keep your cool under pressure, accept criticism graciously, and create a WOW experience for every customer that walks into our store? Are you naturally friendly and helpful? And are you willing to jump in and help where needed? Let’s talk!

Farmers Market Sales
We take our bread and sweets on the road. During the farmers Market season (May through October) we participate in more than a dozen farmers markets across our area.  We find that having passion for our products and enthusiasm for selling them, you'll do well.

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