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Looking For Real Bread That's Real Tasty?
We are pleased to be able to carry on the Great Harvest Bread Traditions here in Burke.  We are passionate about good food and good nutrition.  It's very exciting to be able to bake and share phenomenal bread and sweets with all of you.  Come on in and see us making our made from scratch breads and sweets every day from freshly milled whole wheat. We can't wait to meet each of you.

5 Reasons Great Harvest Whole Grain Bread Is Unique

How We Bake Our Bread
At Great Harvest we handcraft bread daily using only pure and simple ingredients. Each morning we fresh-grind premium whole wheat in the bakery and blend it with ingredients from nature, like yeast, salt and local honey. Great Harvest never uses chemicals or additives. The result is bread that tastes simply amazing You'll Love How It Makes You Feel Bread shouldn't be boring, dry or full of air. Real bread is rich, moist, hearty and life-enhancing. Whole wheat bread made Great Harvest-style retains vital nutrients. Moms, kids, athletes and health-conscious people of all ages love the flavor and nutrition benefits.

We support Family Owned Farms
For more than three decades we have been a friend to family farms located in Montana. We know our wheat farmers on a first-name basis. They understand and produce our proprietary whole wheat that have the baking qualities and hearty taste that are uniquely Harvest Bread Co.

It's About Baking a Difference in Your Life
Our bakery is locally owned and operated. It's no surprise, then, that we are passionate about being genuine in our craft, in our customer service and in our community commitment.

I have Diabetes ...... Can I eat Great Harvest Bread?
YOU BET!!!!!    If you have diabetes, consult with a certified diabetes educator or dietitian familiar with your disease. An educator can help design a meal pattern for you that will contain a healthy balanced diet, which can include delicious and nutritious Great Harvest Bread.    
Nutrition Information
We Feature Fresh Ground 100% Whole Wheat Flour! Not only do our products taste better than the average baked goods, but also, our freshly milled whole grain wheat flour assures that we’re delivering nutritional value. View our Nutrition Information page for more details.

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